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Wednesday 11 January 2017

As any hobbyist (new or experienced) knows, that without the support of local stores, teamed with knowledgeable staff, it's near impossible to learn and grow a new interest.

Sure.  We have Google, and Wiki is a great source of information.  But nothing beats being able to handle new product and learn more about it from people that share your same interests.

The Ajax Scuba Club is lucky enough to have 2 great local shops that support our new Students and existing members; as well our events.

Just in time for our Open Water Course starting Feb/06/2017, Dive Source (located in Oshawa) has sent us their New Year Student Snorkeling Packages.  2 sets, great for new Students.

The A.S.C. thanks Dive Source for this opportunity, and all their assistance.

Saturday 7 January 2017

Are you thinking about joining us for the upcoming Open Water Course that starts Feb/06/2017, but don't have any gear ?

Perhaps you're holding out, because you're wondering "Where am I going to find a really nice starter set in the middle of winter, and for a good price ?"

The helpful Team at InnerSpace Divers Supply recognizes that starting any new hobby can be a bit overwhelming.  So they have stepped up and put together 2 packages to help new A.S.C. Students dive right in:

The A.S.C. would like to thank InnerSpace for this great offer, as well as their ongoing help and support.