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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Have some free time in the New Year ?
Have an urge to dive in some place sunny and warm ?
A group is being put together to address that urge:

If you're looking for a dive trip in early February, 2017, get in touch with Anita ( and let her know of your interest.

She is planning a trip to Dominican Republic, La Romana district, this trip is also inclusive of non-divers. Delsie is going there, and she is using the same dive shop that I used during my trip in October.

So far we have 8 who are on board and Anita requires at least 10 to get the group rate. The dive shop, crew, boats and dive sites are great. Diving the St. George, either during the day, or even more excitng, as a night dive, is something not to be missed.

Get in touch with Anita and join us for some diving!

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